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Curacao has lots to offer!

Curacao, with its sunny climate and azure sea and white sandy beaches, a favorite destination for beach lovers. Because of its location (downwind, 60 km to the South American coast), the island does not suffer from hurricanes. The average air temperature is 28 degrees Celsius and the sea temperature is 27 degrees Celsius.


An ideal climate for the winter or holiday celebration!  The Island is easily accessible from North America, South America and Europe.

Because of its rich colonial history Curacao a true melting pot of cultures. This is reflected in the language and culture, including in particular the architecture. For example in the more than 90 houses of former plantation owners and the city of Willemstad, which, with its wealth of historic buildings since 1997 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Every year in February is Carnival!  Curaçao also hosts a jazz festival, a gospel festival, a food festival and a kite competition. The locally famous Jazz Night at Blues Restaurant on a pier overlooking the sea is not to be missed. Classy, joyful and mellow, it’s the perfect summary of what’s so appealing about Curaçao.


In terms of shopping the island also offers something for everyone, from souvenir stands to elegant shops and malls. Curaçao also has a beautiful, unspoiled countryside with a unique flora and fauna. For diving enthusiasts and are the magnificent coral reefs a true paradise.


Dutch is the official language. Multi-racial Curacaoans also speak English, Spanish and their own unique blend, Papiamento.


Even with only a snorkel and mask a whole new world open to you. Add to this the wide choice of restaurants and lively nightlife and you'll understand why Curaçao is a must for a fine and varied stay!


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